Aquafresh Big Teeth Fluoride Protection Toothpaste - 50 ml

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  • Aquafresh Big Teeth toothpaste is good for older children
  • Great minty taste
  • Combination of red, white and green stripes
  • 24h sugar acid protection
  • Fluoride protection 1450 ppm
  • Child-friendly fresh mint flavour
  • Cavity protection

Aquafresh Big Teeth Fluoride Protection Toothpaste is New adult teeth are not as strong as you think. Enamel on new adult teeth is softer and more vulnerable to decay and the mix of little and big teeth makes them more difficult to clean. As your child gets older, their diet may change to include more sugars from food, drinks and sweets that are then converted by plaque into acid, the key cause of cavities.

Aquafresh Big Teeth toothpaste is a Triple protection low abrasion foaming toothpaste specially designed by dental experts for children aged 6+:

1. Strong teeth. 24 hour Sugar Acid Protection is provided by active fluoride that helps strengthen enamel and keep teeth protected against sugar acid attack throughout the day.

2. Healthy Gums – Aquafresh Big Teeth Kids toothpaste gently cleans teeth with brushing, helping directly remove plaque deposits.

3. Fresh Breath. Child friendly fresh mint flavour.

Help ensure adult teeth come through healthy and strong

Follow a healthy diet and brush twice daily as protection decreases between brushing with twice-daily brushing.

Brand Aquafresh