WooBamboo Kids Marshmallow Toothpaste - 113 g

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  • Naturally helps to brighten teeth, freshen breath, remove plaque, prevent tartar build-up and keep mouths moist
  • Fluoride-free, no nasties
  • Tube made with plant based plastic and bamboo
  • Delicious natural flavours
  • With calcium carbonate, bamboo extract, green tea, stevia and xyltitol

NEW Woobamboo Eco-Awesome Toothpaste When toothpaste options tend to be either sweet, bubbly chemicals or sadly bland naturals, Woobamboo now proudly offers the best of both worlds. Bursting with delicious natural flavours, Woobamboo's toothpaste is made for those not only looking for a bright smile and fresh breath, but a cleaner conscience as well! Fluoride-free with calcium carbonate, green tea and bamboo extra plus Stevia and Xylitol.

Can also help prevent cavities and bad breath by controlling bacteria levels. - Natural Xylitol and Stevia - natural plant based sweeteners which keep pH levels neutral in the mouth and prevent bacteria sticking to teeth Fluoride Free & Vegan Fun and delicious flavours encourage children to brush their teeth.

Brand Woobamboo