Woobamboo Soft Adult Toothbrush

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  • Biodegradable Brush Handle
  • Made from Sustainable Bamboo
  • Packaged from Recycled Materials
  • Naturally Anti-microbial
  • High-Quality Dental-grade bristles
  • Organically grown, Nontoxic & BPA-free

WooBamboo is an eco-friendly natural toothbrush! Billions of toothbrushes end up cluttering the world's landfills every year. Thanks to you, this won't be one of them! Your WooBamboo toothbrush has a handle made from biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo.

With every use, it'll remind you that you've made an eco-friendly decision, and (better yet) that you have the power to make more. WooBamboo doesn't just make eco-friendly products, they help to make eco-friendly people. Remember, the world is changed not only by giant leaps but also by small, innovative steps in the right direction. Thank you for making one of those steps!

Brand Woobamboo
ASIN B06W584M32