Wisdom Medium Green Clean Between Pro Interdental Brushes - Pack Of 30

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  • Cleaning Between The Teeth
  • Easy Access
  • Ideal For Small Spaces Between Teeth And Around Orthodontic Appliances

Wisdom Clean Between Pro 30 Interdental Brushes Medium Wisdom Clean Between Pro brushes are the ultimate solution for cleaning between the teeth. Their unique curved profile ensures easy access to the back of the mouth and the soft rubber filaments give gently yet effective interdental cleaning whilst minimising gum trauma. Clinically proven to reduce gum disease Extra strong stem for long lasting performance. Wire-free stem makes them safe for use around implants, metal fillings and crowns.

Ideal for small spaces between teeth and around orthodontic appliances. Effective at removing plaque and food particles. Soft flexible rubber filaments slide easily between the teeth. Gentle on the gums and tooth enamel. Massage and stimulate the gums. For optimal oral hygiene, in addition to your toothbrush, you need to use a product that cleans between your teeth. Daily use of an interdental product removes plaque, thus helping to prevent cavities and gum disease and keep your breath fresh.

Brand Wisdom