Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids

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  • Model Munddusch specially designed for children from 6 years
  • Adjustable in 3 steps force (0. 69–5.52 bar can)
  • 1,400 pulsations per Minute
  • Water Grip 12785.87 fl oz (450 ml)
  • Nozzle eject button

Product Description

The new NANO Water Flosser by Waterpik model specifically for children ages 6 in the device small / Easy to use, attractive design appeals / Waterpik proven is the only Alternative to regular dental floss, plaque, gum disease entgegenzuwirken. more effective than floss, Improves the health of Zahnfleischs. thanks to the ideal combination of pressure and flow pulsations effect of the regular use of Waterpik-oral a reduction of Gingivitis and improved Gesundhaltung of the gums regular use the NANO Waterpik Dental Water Jet Oral Irrigator for Kids-WP 260E is designed to complement the teeth in a sustainable manner to improve the health of the teeth and gums / performance Features: specially designed for children aged 6 years-provides extra security, as your child protected Electric design, simple touch control On the On / Off switch and the pressure control system-suitable for water-Zahnspangenträger 12785.87 fl oz (450 ml) for dishwashers and Mundwasserzusätze)-can be used as a cover On the base unit water-cooling it can be used with the stickers supplied-friendly be designed individually-On / Off switch with a simple fingertip control, perfect for small children's hands-quiet and very energy-saving, massages and stimulates gums and powerful-Smoothly operating Motor: 1,400 pulsations per Minute-force in 3 different levels via a Rotary Control Adjustable (0. 7–5,5 bar)-Stop and nozzle eject button on the nozzle holder-thanks to the built-in automatic Stromspannungsumschalter, (110–240V 50 / 60 Hz) for worldwide . Box contents: 1 device's Waterpik Dental Water Jet / WP - 260 2 attachments included: 1 x Tip Standard JT - 100), 1 x Orthodontic -Düse (OD - 100 / 2 each with 10 Sheets of transfers (decalcomanias); multilingual operating instructions / 2 year manufacturer warranty

Brand Waterpik