Vitis Orthodontic Mouthwash - 500 ml

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  • Apple-Mint Flavour 500Ml
  • Contains Cpc, Sodium Fluoride, Allantoin And Aloe Vera
  • Alcohol Free
  • Made For Those Who Wear Braces

Product Description

Vitis Orthodontic Mouthwash, made by the experts in orthodontic care, can be used every day to help protect your teeth and gums. The apple-mint flavoured solution is alcohol-free and is specially made to keep your braces clean.

The rinse contains Cetilpiridine Chloride 0.05% which kills bacteria. Sodium Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and strengthens the tooth enamel. The Aloe Vera and Allantoin are soothing ingredients added to help reduce the inflammation caused by wearing braces.

Box Contains

1 Vitis Orthodontic Mouthwash 500ml

Brand Vitis