Vitis Implant Monotip Interspace Toothbrush

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  • Specially designed toothbrush for removing oral biofilm
  • Removes bio-film build-up from very small spaces
  • Tynex filaments are arranged in one single tuft
  • The neck of the brush is flexible

Vitis Implant Monotip Is A Specially Designed Toothbrush For Removing Oral Biofilm (Bacterial Plaque) Build-Up From Very Small Spaces That Require Maximum Cleaning Precision.

Vitis Implant Monotip Toothbrush Has A Small Brush Head.

Its Tynex Filaments Are Arranged In One Single Tuft That Facilitates The Removal Of Oral Biofilm From Minute Spaces, While Protecting The Oral Cavity.

Its Soft Grouped Filaments Allow For Maximum Cleaning Precision Of Prostheses, Bars, Attachments, Screws, Etc.

For Proer Maintenance The Neck Of The Brush Is Flexible, And Can Be Bent To The Best Position For Your Mouth, To Improve Brushing Access. The Handle Is Ergonomic And Offers Antislip Grooves For Easy Use And A Comfortable Grip During Brushing.

Brand Vitis