Vitis Gingival Mouthwash - 500ml

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  • Specially formulated to prevent and treat bleeding and inflammation of the gum
  • Long-term use helps to prevent gingival inflammation and bleeding
  • Inhibits the formation of oral biofilm
  • Without Gluten

Vitis Gingival Mouthwash Is Formulated As A Daily Use For People Prone To Gum Problems. Continued Use Of This Product Prevents Gingival Disease, Reduces Bleeding And Keeps Gums Healthy Every Day. Vitis Gingival Mouthwash Is Specially Formulated To Prevent And Treat Bleeding And Inflammation Of The Gums. Vitis Gingival Mouthwash Is Specifically Formulated To Control Gingivitis. Long-Term Use Helps To Prevent Gingival Inflammation And Bleeding. It Also Inhibits The Formation Of Oral Biofilm (Bacterial Plaque) And Reduces Its Accumulation In The Oral Cavity. Vitis Gingival Does Not Contain Gluten, And Is Therefore Suitable For People With Celiac Disease.

Brand Vitis