Vision Petrol Blue Interdental Brushes 12mm - Pack Of 4

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  • Stabilises gum disease, without a handle
  • A long brush head, no plastic handle waste
  • Unique curve to clean deeper between the teeth
  • Helps to remove plaque and food debris
  • Full range  of sizes are available

This is the finest of the Vision Interdental Brushes. It comes in a 1 pack of 4 brushes. Vision curved interdental brushes are excellent for wrapping around the neck of an implant to clean under the gum.

The Vision brushes are very useful for cleaning around teeth right at the back of the mouth or around an implant in an arch. These areas are difficult to reach with a conventional toothbrush.

A full range of sizes are available to achieve a close fit and optimum clean. Colored filaments allow for easy selection and identification of plaque and food debris removed during cleaning A regular toothbrush cannot reach the spaces between your teeth.

Brand Vision