Ultradex Wire-Free Small Interdental Brushes - 1 Pack Of 20

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  • Flexible and easy to use. An ideal solution for people who find flossing difficult
  • Effectively removes food debris and hidden plaque
  • Tapered (from 1 to 3mm) and adaptable to different sized spaces
  • S/M size tapered brush 1mm - 3mm

Denti-brush wire-free interdental brushes are coated with fluoride for advanced interdental cleaning. Effective and easy to use, the soft, flexible brushes are ideal for small gaps and around implants, crowns, fillings and bridges. They glide easily between teeth and gently massage gums, to remove food debris and plaque that brushing alone cannot reach.

Directions :

Insert between teeth and gently move back and forth.

Safety Warning :

Caution: Excessive flexing of the tip may cause the end to break off.

Brand Ultradex