TePe Nova X-Soft Toothbrush

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  • The Nova X-Soft toothbrush by TePe has a special tapered head design with a special tip which allows easy access to the posterior teeth
  • The neck of the Nova can be bent without needing to be heated - for improved access to the back teeth
  • Super soft, rounded bristles with a pink tip for the most gentle and sensitive cleaning compared to the Nova Medium and Soft
  • The ergonomic, non-slip handle ensures easy and simple cleaning / Regular brushing prevents tooth decay and bad breath
  • Items delivered: 1 x TePe Nova X-Soft Toothbrush with pink tip / Developed in close collaboration with dental experts and made in Sweden

TePe Nova X-Soft

The Nova toothbrush line by TePe is a regular looking toothbrush with a twist. The head is tapered and has a special design at the tip, which allows
it to access a common toothbrush is unable to clean properly. Due to this functional design, the posterior teeth (molars) are easy to reach with the
Nova toothbrush, for a more complete cleaning experience. The Nova comes in three different strengths for every possible need: Medium, Soft
and X-Soft. The hardness can be identified by a coloured part at the head. The Medium is blue, the Soft yellow and the X-soft pink.

Product Information
  • Nova X-Soft toothbrush with a cleverly designed tapered head that can easily reach the posterior teeth for a more thorough cleaning
  • Bendable without having to apply heat, giving it a greater range and more functional angles
  • Ergonomic grip for safe and effective cleaning
  • Rounded bristles with an especially soft degree of hardness for the most gentle cleaning possible
  • Items delivered: 1 x Nova X-Soft toothbrush by TePe for easy access to molars / Developed in close collaboration with dental experts and
    Made in Sweden

The Swedish company TePe has been a leading manufacturer of oral hygiene products since 1965, particularly in Sweden, Germany and Great
Britain. All products are designed, developed and manufactured in collaboration with dental specialists to achieve the highest utility and quality.
TePe provides better oral hygiene in over 60 countries worldwide.

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