TePe Kids Soft Toothbrush Blister Pack

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  • TePe Kids Soft is a toothbrush for children ages 3+ with fun illustrations / Easy cleaning for the first teeth
  • Bristles are rounded and compact to ensure safe but effective brushing / Also available in Extra Soft
  • User-friendly handle to ensure the brush is easy to grip for small hands
  • Bright and colourful design with a variety of lively illustrations
  • Items delivered: 1 x TePe Kids Select Compact Soft Toothbrush / Soft children's brush by TePe / Developed and produced in Sweden in collaboration with dental experts

TePe Kids Soft

TePe Kids is a toothbrush for children from 3+ years old. It has a user-friendly and colourful design and a brush head that is suitable for the first teeth.
An ergonomic handle guarantees small hands can grab the brush effectively, ensuring safe and thorough cleaning.TePe Kids Soft is also available in a
softer variant (X-Soft) and for younger children (TePe Mini). We do not recommend for small children to brush on their own.

Product Details
  • Children’s Toothbrush by TePe is suitable for kids from ages 3+ / Perfectly designed to keep young teeth healthy and clean
  • The bristles have rounded ends and are compact / Soft material to ensure sensitive teeth are protected and cleaned gently
  • Ergonomic design of the handle allows small and soft hand of children to hold the the toothbrush safely and effectively
  • A bright and colourful user-friendly design with various illustrations
  • Items Delivered: 1 x TePe Kids Soft Toothbrush / Developed and produced in Sweden in collaboration with dental experts

The Swedish company TePe has been a leading manufacturer of oral hygiene products since 1965, particularly in Sweden, Germany and Great
Britain. All products are designed, developed and manufactured in collaboration with dental specialists to achieve the highest utility and quality.
TePe provides better oral hygiene in over 60 countries worldwide.

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