TePe Interspace Soft Toothbrush - With 12 Heads

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  • TePe Interspace is an angled toothbrush with a pointed tuft, ideal for fine and precise cleaning of hard to reach places
  • 4 exchangeable brush tips included in the package / Can be attached to either side of handle for optimal access
  • Yellow variant with soft bristles to be extra gentle on sensitive areas / A harder strength (medium - blue) is also available
  • Ideal to clean difficult areas such as the back of the last tooth, around orthodontic appliances or furcations
  • Items delivered: 1 x TePe Interspace Handle Angled Soft Toothbrush, yellow, with Four changeable brush tips / Developed in close collaboration with dental experts and made in Sweden

Product description

TePe Interspace Soft

The TePe Interspace brushes are special brushes for very precise cleaning. The small tuft on top of the head is pointed, giving the brush a
much narrower head for hard to reach areas. Difficult spaces such as the areas around orthodontic appliances, the back surface of teeth or furcations
can be cleaned more reliably than with a regular toothbrush.

Product Information
  • Single tuft brush on an angled handle for cleaning areas such as backs of teeth, furcation or around orthodontic appliances
  • 4 detachable brush tips included in the package / Attachable on both sides of the handle, giving optimal access to even the most
    problematic areas
  • Yellow handle with soft strength filaments to give a very gentle but still potent cleaning / A harder, blue variant is available
    for people with very sensitive oral tissue
  • Items delivered: 1 x Interspace handle in yellow with 4 detachable soft brush-tips / Developed in close collaboration with dental
    experts and made in Sweden

The Swedish company TePe has been a leading manufacturer of oral hygiene products since 1965, particularly in Sweden, Germany and Great Britain.
All products are designed, developed and manufactured in collaboration with dental specialists to achieve the highest utility and quality. TePe
provides better oral hygiene in over 60 countries worldwide.

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