TePe Interdental Extra Soft Brushes - Mixed - 8 Brushes Per Pack

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  • A special brush by TePe designed to clean the gaps between your teeth where a regular toothbrush is unable to reach / The Extra Soft line has softer filaments compared to other TePe Interdental Brushes
  • TePe brushes are far more convenient and easier to use than regular dental floss or floss sticks / The plastic-coated wire helps ensure gentle cleaning around the gums, teeth and dental work
  • TePe Extra Soft are an easy and efficient way to help prevent inflamed gums, cavities and bad breath - giving you cleaner and healthier teeth
  • A functional design with an ergonomic handle and a straight neck guarantees optimal access to the hardest-to-reach areas / Ideal for cleaning braces, implants, crowns as well as your natural teeth
TePe Interdental Brush Extra Soft Mixed Pack TePe Interdental Brushes come in a range of sizes, designs and filament types to fulfill most needs. The colour scheme is based on ISO-certificated standards and allows quick identification of the perfect brush size. A mixed pack containing one test brush of every size is available. Daily use can remove 40% more plaque than through brushing alone and establishes a healthy habit for life. Plaque control with the help of TePe brushes can prevent tooth decay/cavities, bleeding caused by gum disease and bad breath. Product Details: • Mixed Pack with a brush of every size to find the perfect one for every need • A functional design with an ergonomically shaped handle and a flexible neck guarantees optimal access to the hardest-to-reach areas • The smart cap serves as a brush protector as well as a handle extension • Extra Soft filament on the the wire for very gentle cleaning, protecting the gums • Suitable for braces, implants, crowns and natural teeth • Items delivered: 8 x TePe Original reusable brushes, one of every size + a protective cap How to use Front of the mouth: Insert brush gently between two teeth at the gum level, turning slightly. Gently move the brush back and forth to remove debris. Back of the mouth: Bend the wire and attach the smart cap as a handle. The gaps at the back of the mouth might be bigger than those at the front, so various sized brushes might be needed. Insert and move it like before. Rinse off during and after use to keep brush fresh TePe The Swedish company TePe has been a leading manufacturer of oral hygiene products since 1965, particularly in Sweden, Germany and Great Britain. All products are designed, developed and manufactured in collaboration with dental specialists to achieve the highest utility and quality. TePe provides better oral hygiene in over 60 countries worldwide.
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