TePe Gentle Care XX-Soft Toothbrush Blister

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  • TePe Gentle Care is recommended for patients after oral surgery who can not yet use a regular toothbrush
  • Very soft bristles ensure the area around sensitive oral issue is cleaned gently
  • Application as a second stage after the softer Special Care brush has been used / Slightly firmer filaments than the Special Care
  • Complement to regular brushing / Suitable for delicate root surfaces, dry mouth and after teeth whitening

TePe Gentle Care :

TePe Gentle Care is recommended for patients who have undergone oral surgery and are not yet able to use a regular toothbrush. The Gentle Care brush is suitable for use in the second stage. The TePe Special care brush is recommended for the first two weeks after surgery.

The very soft bristles gently clean sensitive and delicate areas that can not be cleaned painlessly with a regular toothbrush.

Brand Tepe