Tandex Flexi Lemon Interdental Brushes 1.1mm - Pack Of 6

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  • Specially designed interdental brush with an ergonomic grip
  • Efficient and gentle treatment for booth teeth and gums
  • For the removal of plaque and the reduction of gum infection
  • Help stops the gums from bleeding

Tandex Flexi Interdental Brush Aqua 0.60mm with soft eliptical handles that flex to improve access in difficult to reach areas.TANDEX FLEXI is a specially designed interdental brush with an ergonomic grip. The flexible grip makes it easy to reach even interdental spaces in the back of the mouth. TANDEX FLEXI gives an efficient and gentle treatment for both teeth and gums. With nine different sizes there are brushes to suit small interdental spaces or more complex bridge and implant spaces. Your dentist or hygienist will help you find a size that is right for you.

Brand Tandex