Stoddard Icon White Superfine Interdental Brushes - 1 Pack Of 8

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  • 8 Brush in One Pack
  • Longer Lasting
  • Individual Caps to a quick rinse
  • White Superfine

Stoddard Icon Superfine Interdental Brushes are specially designed to clean thoroughly in the wider spaces between teeth and around bridges and braces. They are vital for the prevention of plaque build-up and will help in the promotion of healthy teeth and gums.

These brushes have the added advantage of a specially designed handle that can be made even longer, if you need to, for those hard to reach areas by fixing the cap at the other end of the brush. Interdental brushes are great at reducing the plaque which collects in areas that are difficult for a manual or electric brush to reach.

They are also more effective and easier to use than floss in most cases. Reducing the bacteria which collects daily between the teeth and gums helps prevent bad breath, significantly reduces bleeding gums and the risk of hard to see tooth decay occurring on either side of teeth.

Brand Stoddard