Stoddard Icon Orange Antibacterial Interdental Brush - 6 Brushes Per Pack

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  • Medically safe
  • Combats tooth decay
  • A multiuse product
  • Removes plaque

All Stoddard Interdental Brushes Are Specially Designed To Clean Thoroughly In The Wider Spaces Betwen Teeth And Around Bridges And Braces.

The Antibacterial Agent Has Been Shown To Kill Bacteria Associated With Gum Problems, Tooth Decay And Plaque.Each Antibacterial Interdental Brush Has Its Own Antibacterial Cap Which Can Also Used As A Handle Extention.

The Antibacterial Protection Lasts For As Long As The Product Which Delivers Effective Protectin Killing 99.99% Of Bacteria. Due To The Quality Of The Additive And Its Manufacturing Application It Does Not Leach Out Or Wash Off, Therefore Preventing Any Loss Of Effectiveness. The Antivacterial Defence Starts At Manufacture But Continues On To And After Use Ensuring Continuous Protection Throughout.

Medically Safe

Combats Tooth Decay

A Multiuse Product

Removes Plaque

Iso Spedified Sizes

Tests Prove A Reduction Of Bacteria By 99.99%

Promotes Healthier Gums

Freshens Breath

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