Spotlight Oral Care Toothpaste For Pregnancy 100ml

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  • Toxin-free, safe for mum & baby
  • Comes in a 100% recyclable sugarcane tube
  • Protects against cavities & strengthens enamel
Due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, gums can become more sensitive, which leads to increased inflammation, bleeding, and risk of gum disease commonly referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. If untreated, this may lead to more serious gum disease. Your eating habits may also change. You may eat more of certain foods during pregnancy than you did before you were pregnant. The kinds of food you eat can affect your dental health. It is important to practice good oral hygiene to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Mothers-to-be should brush or floss daily and schedule regular appointments for a professional cleaning to avoid gum disease developing.
Brand Spotlight Oral Care