Secure Denture Adhesive Cream 40g

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  • Suitable for both Upper & Lower Dentures
  • Clinically proven to be the most effective denture retention solution available
  • Effective even in cases of very flat and narrow lower ridges
  • Provides strong bond between dentures and gum

Secure Denture Adhesive Strips Provide Strong Bond Between Lower Dentures And Gum For Those Denture Wearers With Flat And/Or Narrow Lower Gums. It Holds Lower Dentures Firmly All Day Long. Acts Like A Soft Pillow, Preventing, Tissue Irritation, Compression Sores And Inflammation Of The Oral Mucosa. Provides You With The Confidence To Lead A Full And Active Life.


Fittydent Super Denture Adhesive Is Indicated For Denture Wearers, Even In Cases Of Excess Salivation.


Pva Bonding Effect Prevents Dentures From Sliding, Therefore Keeping Mucosa From Becoming Irritated. Does Not Contain Zinc.


Clean And Dry Dentures Carefully Before Applying The Adhesive. Application: Apply The Adhesive In Small Strips, Making Sure That The Adhesive Is Not Too Close To The Edge Of The Denture. Close Tube Immediately After Use And Store At Room Temperature. Insert Dentures Into Your Mouth And Bite Firmly. For Best Results, Wait 15 Minutes Before Eating Or Drinking.After Using: Use Fittydent® Super Cleansing Tablets To Efficiently Clean Dentures.

Safety Warning:

Warnings And Suggestions: It May Take A Few Trials To See What Amount Of Fittydent Super Denture Adhesive Is Needed. First, Begin By Using A Small Amount. Increase As Needed To Achieve A Long Lasting Bond. If At The End Of The Day The Bonding Effect Has Not Lessened, Simply Leave Dentures In Your Mouth Overnight. Apply Less Adhesive The Next Day. If You Would Like An Even Stronger Bond, Spread Adhesive To Create A Thin And Even Layer Over The Entire Contact Area. Visit Your Dentist Regularly To Make Sure That The Denture Fits Properly In Your Mouth.

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