Schulke Perform Tub - 900 g

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  • An extremely broad range of effectiveness
  • Oxygen-based = no indoor air pollution
  • Already tested to EC standards
  • Listed by the Robert Koch Institute in accordance with German law

Rinse the prosthetic material and impressions under running water. Dissolve 2 level measuring scoops perform ID by scattering it in 2 liters lukewarm water (= 2 % solution). Place

the prosthetic material and impressions in the solution, leave to react for 15 minutes and then rinse the pieces again under running water. Wrap the impression in damp gauze and

seal in a plastic bag, mark clearly that the impression has been disinfected.

Products that are suitable for the disinfection of impressions on applications are CE marked to demonstrate conformity to European directives. The manufacturer's recommendation

and instruction for the dilution of the disinfectant and immersion time must be adhered to.

Brand Schülke
ASIN B07929H6L8