Schulke Mikrozid Alcohol Free Surface - 1L

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  • Broad Spectrum Of Efficacy Including Bacteria, Fungi And Enveloped Viruses (Inc. Hbv, Hcv And Hiv)
  • Ready To Use Solution
  • Alcohol-Free, Surfactant Based Product
  • Rapid Acting, 1 Minute Contact Time

Mikrozide Alcohol-Free Liquid is ready to use solution suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, especially dental chairs and alcohol sensitive surfaces. The benefits of alcohol-free products are that with high alcohol content comes extreme flammability. In environments where there may be flames, alcohol-free products are the best choice, preventing serious injury or damage.

Alcohol-free products are much easier on the hands and skin and unlike alcohol-based products, which stop killing bacteria once a surface has dried, some non-alcoholic products continue to provide protection for some time after.

Brand Schülke