Schulke Mikrozid Alcohol Free Surface - 1L

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  • Broad spectrum of efficacy including bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses (inc. HBV, HCV and HIV)
  • Ready to use solution
  • Alcohol free, surfactant based product
  • Rapid acting, 1 minute contact time.

Product Description

Mikrozid Alcohol Free Liquid is a ready to use solution suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, especially dental chairs and alcohol sensitive survaces.

The benefits of alcohol-free products are that with high alcohol content comes extreme flammability. In environments where there may be flames, alcohol free products are the best choice, preventing serious injury or damage.

Alcohol-free products are much easier on the hands and skin and unlike alcohol-based products, which stop killing bacteria once a surface has dried, some non-alcoholic products continue to provide protection for some time after.
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