Poligrip Denture Fixative Cream Ultra - 40 g

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  • Designed with ooze control tip
  • All day hold
  • Has fresh mint

Product Description

Poligrip Ultra gives unbeatable all day hold. Helps prevent irritating bits of food getting under your plate; enjoy foods you might otherwise avoid. For a feeling of extra confidence, control and comfort. Suitable for use on all plastic and metal plates, recommended by dentists and not harmful if swallowed.


Poly (Methylvinylether/Maleic Acid) Sodium-Magnesium-Zinc Mixed Partial Salt Petrolatum Cellulose Gum Paraffinum Liquidum Silica Poly (Methylvinylether/Maleic Acid) Aroma CI 45430


DIRECTIONS. 1. Clean denture, preferably by brushing with Dentu-Creme. Dry thoroughly. 2. Apply POLIGRIP in short, half inch strips. TIP: if oozing occurs, use a little less. 3. Rinse mouth with water and spit out. 4. Pree dentures firmly into place for several seconds. Wait several minutes before eating and drinking. The denture can be removed easily when required. Brush gently with warm water to remove any remaining fixative. To avoid clogging, keep cap and nozzle dry. Suitable for use on all plastic and metal plates. Not harmful if swallowed. POLIGRIP is recommended by dentists. Consult your dentist regularly. SPECIAL INFORMATION. A FEW INDIVIDUALS MAY BE SENSITIVE TO THIS FORMULATION. IF DISCOMFORT OCCURS, DISCONTINUE USE.

Brand Poligrip