Tepe Plaqsearch Disclosing Tablet - Pack Of 250

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  • Helps identify specific areas in need of better oral hygiene
  • Differentiates between old and new plaque; Old plaque will stain blue, New plaque will stain red
  • Available in fruit-flavoured tablets - Easy, simple and efficient
  • Each box contains 250 Tablets with full instructions
Plaqsearch Plaque Disclosing Tablets contains 250 tablets. These tablets highlight areas of an old and new plaque to aid with cleaning. Often colorless and constantly forming, plaque bacteria need to be removed thoroughly and regularly to prevent dental problems. Plaqsearch contains advanced disclosing agents, that allows quick identification of problem areas for plaque.

The two-tone coloring system differentiates between new and old plaque. Instructions for use: Brush teeth and, where necessary, clean interdentally. Thoroughly chew one tablet and then rinse mouth. Examine all areas. Residual red stain indicates newer plaque and blue stain older plaque that has been missed by the previous brushing.
Brand tepe