Piksters Toothbrush With Fatboy Handle

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  • Part of the Piksters Connect System
  • Feels so good in the palm of your hand
  • Versatile “twist and swap” multi-function handle
  • Advanced bristle design more effectively cleans below the gumline
  • Keep the handle and replace the head, save money and waste

Part of the revolutionary and versatile Piksters Connect twist and swap multifunctional handle system that offers a wide range of toothbrush heads, tips, and handle styles. Heads can be replaced or interchanged with other heads or oral care aids (eg tongue cleaner). When using with the interdental brush the handle becomes an extension handle. Convenient, less waste, and environmentally friendly(on the head needs replacing).

The Fatboy handle is the widest handle available (35mm) in the Connect range so gives ultimate grip and is ideal for those with limited dexterity, painful joints, etc. Handle comes with the PC-20TT taper tip extra small toothbrush head (19.8mm in length), where bristles reach below the gum line and between teeth to give a superior clean.

Brand Piksters