Piksters Kids Suction Cup Brush Soft 3 -10 Years - Color May Vary

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  • Color May Vary
  • Excellent control and extra comfort.
  • Good tackiness
  • Soft Toothbrush
  • Small, soft-bristled multi-colored head and handle

Specially designed for kidsIdeal for 3 to 10 year-olds, the Piksters Suction Cup Toothbrush is designed with softer bristles, a wider handle, and a smaller head size to easily fit in their little hands and mouths. The head on the brush is rounded for added comfort, and small enough to make it easy to get to the hard-to-reach back molars. The soft, wavy bristles effectively clean and remove plaque while being gentle on your child’s delicate gums and teeth. Along with being kid-sized, this children’s toothbrush features a chunky, extra wide handle to make it easier to grip and hold, perfect for teaching your little one how to brush their teeth on their own.

Brand Piksters