Piksters Soft Bristle Adult Smoothie Toothbrush

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  • Ergonomically designed non-slip
  • Smooth and contoured handle for pure comfort
  • Easy on the gums hard on the plaque
  • Ergonomic handle

The Piksters Smoothie Toothbrush is an intelligently designed toothbrush for everyday use by older children, teenagers, and adults. The uniquely designed head is small, soft and features a combination of high and low bristles to assist in effective plaque removal.

It encompasses an ergonomic design with the handle boasting a ribbed grip to assist in stability promotion and the prevention of unnecessary slips whilst tooth-brushing. A raised, rubbery thumb pad ensures optimal user comfort and ensures maximum effectiveness when brushing. Extended bristles on the tip of the toothbrush allow better interdental (between teeth) plaque removal.

Brand Piksters