Piksters Interpik Soft Interdental Brushes - Pack Of 30

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  • New longer extended bristle portion to enable better cleaning of back teeth
  • Piksters Interpik is engineered to offer one size fits front & back teeth
  • No need to carry two separate sizes
  • Place Interpiks in the enclosed hygienic carry case
  • Gently push the Interpik brush between teeth & move back and forth
Piksters Interpiks are soft rubber disposable interdental brushes that are ideal for cleaning between teeth and under bridges, crowns, dental implants, and around orthodontic braces. Intelligently engineered as a ‘one size fits all’ ensures you don’t need to carry multiple sized inter-dental brushes. Each 30 pack is packaged in a hygienic carry case to ensure your Interpiks are stored securely until use.
Brand Piksters