Piksters Interdental Brushes 0.60mm - Yellow Size 3 - Pack Of 40

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  • Strong , stiff wire means LESS BUCKLING.
  • Plastic coated wire.
  • Twisted wire.
  • Size 3 is part of the new Piksters Connect System.

Piksters Interdental Brush - 40 Brushes Per Pack: Interdental brushes are like mini toothbrushes that get into the tiny spaces between teeth and clean effectively right down to the gum line. They are excellent for around the back teeth because they can get into areas your toothbrush and floss cannot reach.

Piksters are available in Woolworths and Coles in sizes 1, 3 and 5 and most leading pharmacies stock the whole range. Why don’t you see whether there is a store near you click here to see a full store list by post code. Piksters are Australia’s no 1 interdental brush and are made of Stronger, Stiffer Wire which Resists Buckling

Brand Piksters