Piksters Purple 0.50mm Interdental Brush Size 1 - 1 Pack of 40

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  • 40 Brushes Per Pack
  • Better quality
  • Better Value
  • Size - 1 Purple 0.50mm
  • Brushes last longer

Pikster interdental brushes are ideal for daily plaque control on healthy or inflamed gums in conjunction with your normal toothbrush. They are also an excellent cleaning aid for those who wear orthodontic wires or teeth that are splinted wired together for orthodontic retention or for periodontal support. Interdental brushes effectively clean between the teeth under the wires where it is hard to floss. Pikster Interdental brushes effectively clean the indents (or hollows between the roots of the molar and premolars. These areas are called ‘furcations’. Dental floss is superior in some areas, such as the front teeth. It gets down under the spike of gum in between the teeth.

Brand Piksters