Piksters Bamboo Interdental Brush Assorted Pack - 8 Brushes Per Pack

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  • World's first bamboo interdental brush made from sustainably grown bamboo.
  • Eco Friendly - made from 97% biodegradable products to create less plastic waste.
  • Plastics are made from a special polymer derived from corn - not crude oil!
  • Easy to hold handle to for better grip and cleaning capability.

The Piksters family is growing… announcing NEW Bamboo Piksters.
An interdental brush with minimal plastic waste, sustainably sourced and 97% biodegradable.
Bamboo Piksters Straight use exactly the same brush as standard plastic Piksters- just with bamboo biodegradable handle instead of plastic.
· 100% recycled biodegradable packaging.
· Biodegradable and sustainably grown bamboo handle.
· Fits into Power Pikster and Piksters bathroom caddy.
Available in sizes 00-6, 8 brushes of the same size in each pack

Brand Piksters