Piksters Bamboo Angled Interdental Brushes 0.70mm - Blue Size 5 - Pack Of 6

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  • A single pack containing 6 of the same size right-angled bamboo handled brush
  • An interdental brush that creates less plastic waste
  • Made from 100% compostable packaging with soy based inks
  • A unique right angle head to make reaching the back teeth easier

An interdental brush with minimal plastic waste, sustainably sourced, and 97% biodegradable. Bamboo Piksters Right Angle has a 90-degree tilt to the interdental brush head which offers the perfect angle for posterior teeth without needing to bend the wires. The longer handle is easy-to-hold and provides customers with a better grip. The cap and color tip is 100% sustainable and biodegradable cornstarch-based polymer.

Brand Piksters