Ortho Care Bamboo 2 V-Trim Dual Head Orthodontic Toothbrush

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  • 100% Biodegradable handle
  • V-Trim head and Interdental Brush

The bristles in Bamboo2 are made from Dupont PA1010. We recommend the bristles are shaved off or pulled out and the handle composted or re-purposed and the bristles put in the household waste/rubbish. This reduces the plastic content of the toothbrush by more than 99% by weight.

This is a slightly imperfect outcome for both us and Go Bamboo but the biodegradable plastics currently available do not make a technically good bristle.The box is cardboard and can be either recycled or composted. The glue to keep the box together is rice glue and the ink on the box vegetable ink.The reason for this is that the product and packaging were designed to be disposed of in and around your own home without leaving any residue.

Brand Orthocare