Oral-B Dental Superfloss - Pack of 50 Pre-cut Strands

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  • Superfloss-Ideal For Braces, Dental Bridges And Large Gaps Between The Teeth
  • Gently Slide Back And Forth Between Your Teeth To Remove Plaque
  • Pull The Cotton-Like Dental Floss Through To The Normal Floss
  • Remove Plaque Using Up And Down Movements

Oral-B Super dental floss is ideal for cleaning braces, implants, bridges, and larger gaps between teeth. Its 3 unique components–a dental floss threading aid with a reinforced beginning, the fluffy middle part, as well as normal dental floss interact to achieve the best possible result.

Enables the use of dental floss under braces, implants, and bridges. Cleans gently around braces or bridges and in larger gaps between teeth. Removes plaque under the gum line, available in pre-cut threads.

Brand Oral-B