Oral-B Stages Power Disney Princess Childrens Toothbrush

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  • Oral-B Stages Power Kids Disney Princess Battery Toothbrush With Timer App
  • Oral-B Stages Power Battery Toothbrush for 3 Years and + is designed to help children brush their teeth well
  • Batteries Included
  • Its small head with a soft brush is specially indicated for brushing children's small teeth
  • it comes in several models, according the child's preferences

ORAL BStage Power Battery-powered toothbrush for ages 3 and up. The electric toothbrush with the pictures of the heroes of the Walt Disney universe. The best way for your children to wash their teeth while having fun. Rotating brush with raised center row bristles to clean chewing surfaces where cavities tend to form. Ergonomically designed for little hands of children.

Brand Oral-B