Oral-B Ortho Care Essential Kit

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  • Cleans and gently removes plaque from teeth with braces
  • Provides effective and convenient cleaning
  • Specialist care for dental braces
  • Indicator bristles fade as a sign to replace your toothbrush head for a better clean (about every 3 months)
  • Compatible with the entire lineup of Oral-B electric toothbrushes, except for Oral-B sonic toothbrushes

Product Description

Braun Oral-B Oral Care Essentials Pack

This package contains a comprehensive oral care kit for fresh breath and healthy gums, including an interspace brush head and 2 ortho brush heads. They are dentist inspired tools for the effective cleaning of the inter-dental spaces.


Box Contains

  • 1 x Interspace brush heads
  • 2 x Ortho brush heads


Brand Oral-B