Oral-B Kids Replacement Heads - Pack Of 2 (Packaging and Design May Vary)

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  • Extra-soft bristles - gentle on kids' teeth and gums
  • Pack of 2 Replacement Heads
  • Fits both electric and battery Braun Oral-B brushes
  • Does not fit Braun Sonic brushes

Specifically designed for children, the brush head has extra-soft, rounded bristles to protect against too-firm brushing, with a long row that cleans chewing surfaces. Colored indicator bristles fade to signal when the brush head needs replacing. The brush head comes with three removable color-coding rings in various colors so a child can match the color code of a previous brush head. Ages 3+.Extra soft bristles are gentle on kids' teeth and gums. A raised row of blue bristles designed for cleaning chewing surfaces. Blue Indicator bristles monitor brushing performance and brush head replacement.

We have 3 designs: Princess, Cars, and Mickey. Customer May receive Random models: Princess, Cars, and Mickey.

Brand Oral-B