My-Oradent Toothpowder Wonder Gum Care - 75 g

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  • Whitening
  • Removes plaque and controls tartar
  • Removes nicotine, coffee and wine stain
  • 75g Jar
  • Freshens breath

My-Oradent is a thoroughly developed product which provides protection to the commonly occurring dental diseases, i.e., dental decay and plaque-induced gum diseases. The protective effect of “My Oradent” is hidden in its formulation. The essential oils provide protection against gum diseases and the Natural Calcium Carbonate helps to neutralize the pH of the oral cavity which reduces the chances of decay to occur. The medium of delivery in powder form also plays an important role in reducing gum diseases. It stays in contact with the gums for a longer time; absorbs through it and hence strengthen the fibers which anchor the teeth, plus, the neutralization effect makes the oral bacteria impotent, and subsequently, they either lose their activity or unable to produce the destructive enzymes. It gives you sustainable relief from the following: Constant Bleeding Gums Sore Gums Swollen Gums Sensitive Gums Receding Gum Line Over Growing Gun Line Fights against Plaque & Tartar Strengthen Gums Whitens and Polishes Teeth Removes Nicotine, Coffee and Alcohol Stains Gives lasting Fresh Breath Kills all Dental Bacteria ABOVE ALL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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