Metres CaviWipes Disinfecting Towelettes Flat Wipes - Pack Of 20

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  • Interior and Exterior surfaces of infant incubators
  • Anesthesia Machines
  • Ambulance Equpment
  • Telephones
  • IV Poles

CaviWipes Surface Disinfectant Wipes are multi-functional for daily use. The wipes are formulated with active ingredients to kill TB in 3 minutes and MRSA, HIV-1 and HBV and HCV in 2 minutes. Durable and nonabrasive clothes that offer quick, hassle-free convenience.

They are ideal for wiping down non-porous surfaces such as operating rooms, surgical centers, neonatal units, and other critical-care areas.One step cleaner and surface disinfectant.Decontaminate areas in hospitals, dental offices, laboratories, clinics, and much more.7 layerd wipe design to prevent bunching and drying.Flatpack minimizes storage space, unclutters counter space, and are resealable.

Brand Metrex