Listerine Advanced Defence Sensitive Fresh Mint Mouthwash 500ml

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  • Clinically proven sensitivity treatment
  • Patented treatment for tooth sensitivity relief
  • Physically shields exposed nerves for in-depth sensitivity protection
  • Provides lasting protection blocking nearly 100% of the microscopic holes

Listerine advanced defense sensitive mouthwash fresh mint is clinically proven sensitivity treatment. It provides long-lasting protection and sensitivity relief. It is physically shields exposed nerves for in-depth sensitivity protection and blocking nearly 100% of the microscopic holes, shielding against sensitivity. The crystals inhibit the movement of fluid which stops nerve stimulation preventing pain.

Ingredients :

Dipotassium Oxalate 1.4%,Other ingredients: Aqua,Sorbitol,Propylene Glycol,Phosphoric Acid,Aroma,Poloxamer 407,Sodium Benzoate,Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,Sodium Fluoride,Sucralose,Sodium Saccharin,Contains Sodium Fluoride (220 ppmF)

Brand Listerine