iglu Protect Orthodontic Brace Gel -10 g

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  • For dental brace wearers
  • Helps prevent and relieve mouth sores and ulcers caused by braces
  • Protects delicate gum and mouth lining
  • Protective barrier gel technology

Product Description

Iglu Protect has been specially formulated to help prevent brace rubbing, as well as to relieve sores and ulcers caused by dental braces. You can use Iglu Protect in two ways:

You can use Iglu Protect as soon as you start wearing your brace, to make a soft padding over any parts that are sticking out, thereby helping to prevent rubbing.

You may also want to use Iglu Protect on any mouth sores or ulcers already caused by your brace. It forms a lasting protective barrier to shield them from rubbing, helping to relieve any discomfort and helping to protect them as they heal.

Iglu Protect Orthodontic Brace Gel is for the prevention and relief of mouth sores and ulcers caused by dental braces. Forming an adhesive, malleable and protective coating over and around protruding areas of dental braces, Iglu Protect helps to prevent damage to adjacent soft tissue. It also forms a coating over mouth sores and ulcers to protect damaged areas as they heal.

Carbomer, hydroxypropylcellulose, white soft paraffin, liquid paraffin and peppermint oil.


Use a clean tissue to gently remove excess moisture and saliva from problem areas of the brace, or from sores or ulcers inside the mouth.


Squeeze a small quantity of Iglu Protect onto a clean, dry fingertip or cotton bud. Apply directly to the problem areas of the brace or any sores or ulcers inside the mouth using a single, gentle wiping action (avoid dabbing).


The gel might seem paste-like and sticky at first, but on contact with saliva it will form a thick, adhesive and malleable gel. When applying it to parts of the brace, you may find it helpful to use the tip of your tongue to gently form it into a smooth coating over any protruding areas.

For full directions, see the enclosed package leaflet.

Safety Warning
- Do not use Iglu Protect if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed.
- Do not apply excessive amounts.
- Keep the product away from your eyes.

For full safety information, see the enclosed package leaflet.

Legal Disclaimer
t is important to read the full instruction provided in the enclosed leaflet before applying this product. Abbreviated directions. For adults, the elderly and children over 7 years of age: For use in the mouth. Apply to problem area(s) of the brace and/or sore area(s)inside the mouth using a single wiping action. Re-apply as necessary to keep the affected area(s) protected with a smooth coating. Replace cap tightly after use.

Box Contains
1 x 10g tube of Iglu Protect.
1 x Package leaflet.

Brand Iglu