Idontix X-Floss Lite Thin Dental Floss - 30 Strands Per Pack

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  • Premium, superior thinner floss for implants, braces, retainer wires and bridge cleaning.
  • Firm threaded is easy to insert, no buckling and it resists moisture.
  • The floss is thicker than normal floss, but thinner than x-floss which makes it easier to insert into tighter spaces.
  • The floss is soft, elastic and flattens out when under tension and cleans effectively.

Product description

Colour: Blue

Implants/bridge and orthodontic brace floss (Blue). x-floss Lite is thinner than x-floss (green). it consists of a firm nylon threader with bulky yet flexible, soft floss for superior cleaning. The material used for the floss section is soft yet cleans better than any other floss product due to its ability to grab the plaque. Patients find it easy to use which increases patient compliance. Recommended by dental hygienist to use x-floss Lite.

Brand iDontix