Gengigel Mouthrinse 150ml

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  • For Mouth-wide pain relief & healthy gums
  • Suitable for most common oral conditions associated with soreness and inflammation
  • Clinically proven to heal & prevent: ulcers, inflamed/bleeding gums, oral burns & lesions

Gengigel gel is unique, patented and naturally active product, suitable for most common oral conditions associated with soreness and inflammation. Gengigel stops any minor bleeding, soothes soreness ands sharpe pain of ulcers and promotes healing.

Gengigel comes in a gel and mouthrinse both of which contain the highest quality, high molecular weight hyaluronan. They are useful in helping to manage common oral problems and, when recommended by your dental professional, to help protect and heal after various dental procedures.

The main uses of gengigel are for soft tissues in the mouth including the tongue and palate. Gingivitis, mouth ulcers, oral soreness, sore throat and dry and burning mouth.

Ingredients :

100g contains: Hyaluronan 25mg, Xylitol, Excipients

Directions :

How to use

After brushing the teeth, rinse with Gengigel Mouthrinse 3-4 times daily for 3-4 weeks.

Rinse with 10ml (one dose) for 1-2 minutes.

Do not dilute.

Do not use other products or consume food/drinks for 30 minutes after use.

Safety Warning :

FOR ORAL USE ONLY Keep out of the reach of children. Caution Do not use if you have a known sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Brand Gengigel