Easy Flossing Floss Picks - Pack Of 40

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  • Disposable flosses with picks and pocket case
  • For better dental care

Gum Lines And Spaces In Between Teeth Which Lack Visibility And Do Not Get Our Attention Are Prone To Periodontal Diseases. Food Particles And Plaque Get Accumulated And Deposited In Spaces Between Teeth And At The Gum Lines After Eating. The Bristles Of The Brush Fail To Reach These Inaccessible Rims And Angles Wherefrom The Plaque Initiates Leading To Periodontal Diseases Like Tooth Decay And Other Gum Diseases. The Importance Of Flossing Lies Here. Flossing Is A Vital Part Of Dental Care. Healthbuddy Now Brings To You Dental Floss Pick Which Effectively Cleans The Spaces Between Your Teeth And Gums Making The Whole Process Easier For You.

Brand Easy Flossing