Doft Microfine Interdental Brushes - 0.5mm Purple

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  • Bacteria coatings are removed by toothbrush on the tooth's front and back. In order to remove plaque between teeth or bridgework and around dental implants are used interdental brushes.

Interdental brushes with interchangeable handles are available in a handy 'storage' packaging and in a plastic bag that can be sealed. The most common causes of tooth loss are dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal disease (periodontitis). The symptoms of these diseases may be so insignificant that serious injury can occur before they are discovered. These diseases are more common between the teeth, where the usual toothbrush has limited accessibility.

Safety Warning :

Do not use toothpaste on the interdental brush as this can cause unnecessary wear on the tooth surface.
Keep gladly brush perpendicular to the gum line so that it is easy to move in and out of the space Brush with a light pressure against the gum back and forth about. 10 times.
The brushes can be used with or without handles to suit your preference.

Storage of interdental brushes :

Do not use brushes with unused. Rinse the brush with water after use and keep it airy and dry for next time
The enclosed sleeve can be used either as an extension pole or the protection of the brush during storage

To change the handle :

Place in the brush handle.
Squeeze the handle with your thumb and forefinger.
Open handle by bending it as shown.

Brand Doft