DenTek Triple Clean Eco Friendly Floss Picks - Pack Of 90

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  • Contains fluoride coating
  • Extra strong, multi-filament textured floss
  • Textured pick for double cleaning power
  • Uses up to 80% less carbon emissions than conventional plastic

The DenTek Eco Triple Clean Floss Pick delivers the deep-clean results you’ve come to expect from the original but thanks to the use of more sustainable materials, this floss pick is kinder to the planet. They are composed of 200+ individual scrubbing strands of floss so it scrubs with extra nooks and ridges. Our thinnest, strongest floss gets into even the tightest spaces and works on tight teeth, and even contains an antibacterial ingredient to ensure a more hygienic clean.

Its handle is made using bio-based plastic (produced from a raw material derived from sugar cane plants). By using this renewable material rather than fossil oils, these flossing aids help reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% in comparison to conventional plastic, in addition to helping you to keep your teeth and gums in optimal condition.

Brand Dentek