DenTek On-The-Go 3-in 1 Interdental Cleaners - Pack Of 12

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  • 3-In-1 Interdental Cleaners That Help Reduce Tooth Decay And Fight Bad Breath
  • Extra Strong Textured Floss
  • Brush Cleans Extra Tight Spaces Between Teeth
  • Pick Dislodges Stubborn Food Particles And Massages Gums

The floss is extra strong to remove food and plaque between tight spaces, the slim interdental brush can get into spaces that a normal toothbrush can't and the pick is sturdy so that it can help remove stubborn food particles and stimulate the germs. These 3-in-1 on-the-go interdental cleaners remove more plaque than toothbrushing alone. Mint flavored and fluoride coated.

Brand Dentek