Dentek Maximum Protection Professional Fit Dental Guard

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  • A custom-fit,  slim mouldable guard that is similar to the professional guards sold by dentists
  • Patented forming tray that keeps the mouldable material where it needs to be for proper alignment
  • Ergonomically designed to comfortably align with your natural bite
  • Handle makes removing the guard from hot water easier and less messy

Help to protect your teeth and get a better night’s sleep with our Maximum Protection Dental Guard for Sleeping. Similar to guards provided by dentists, but designed to be much more affordable, it could make a useful addition to your dental healthcare routine. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, usually happens during sleep.

Although many sufferers are not aware of the problem, it can cause disturbed sleep – sufferers and partners alike in many cases. In turn, this can lead to tiredness during the day. Not only this, but teeth grinding can have a significant impact on dental health if left untreated. Bruxism can result in problems such as teeth fractures, abnormal tooth wear, and gum recession, as well as headaches, earaches, jaw pain and stiffness, and facial pain.

Brand Dentek