DenTek Dental First Aid Kit

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  • Temparin’ Max – a temporary remedy for replacing a lost filling, cap, crown or inlay
  • Eugenol - helps to anaesthetise and disinfect the affected area
  • Applicator and spade tool for ease of application
  • Tooth saver – for placing broken or whole tooth into to protect
  • The Temporary Filling Material uses the same ingredients dentists use

The DenTek First Aid Kit allows you to temporarily repair lost fillings, caps, crowns or inlays until you have had a chance to visit the dentist. The Temparin’ Max formula is designed to temporarily fill cavities left by a dislodged filling or crown.

The handy tooth saver pot allows you to keep the broken or whole tooth protected until you visit your dentist (ideally within 1 hour of the incident). The Eugenol is designed to help anaesthetise and disinfect the affected area.

Brand Dentek