DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks For Back Teeth - Pack Of 60

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  • Extended handle easily reaches back teeth
  • Silky comfort dental floss provides oral care for back teeth and gums
  • Triangulated textured flosser pick helps remove plaque for better oral hygiene
  • Cool minty flavored dental floss leaves your mouth fresh

DenTek Complete Clean Floss Picks are made with ultra-strong shred proof floss and are specially curved to reach back teeth. Clean even the hardest-to-reach back teeth with this gentle, silky comfort floss that sweeps away food and plaque with none of the discomfort caused by traditional floss.

Recommended by dentists and hygienists for healthier teeth and gums. Each package includes 60 DenTek floss picks. Directions: Gently slide the floss up and down between teeth allowing the floss to wrap around teeth. Clean above and below the gum line.

Brand Dentek